blue skies

When happy shimmering substances are honest like wind chimes
We can eat ice cream and not even once think about dying



[for d’Verse]


16 thoughts on “blue skies

  1. The title makes me think of “It’s a Wonderful World,” which I thought was in When Harry Met Sally, but was actually in Meet Joe Black.

    So what’s happy and shimmering in blue skies? Invisible stars. But your picture is of water, so I’m thinking of starfish. Chatty, happy ones — telling the truth, like best friends do. Both die, stars and starfish. But maybe feeling like you can trust those around you makes you focus on joy instead of fear and inevitable death. Or maybe the end has to do with not fearing you’re being poisoned by the hand that feeds you.

    Do you know “98 Points Water”? That line about being “wind chimes on the inside” just crumbles me.

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    1. Thank you for the tune today! I love it. And why can’t love be better paired WITH ice cream? That is better.


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